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Sandi Finci Solomon

Founder of Ageless World of Dance

Sandi was born and raised in Washington, D. C. to dancing parents. As a toddler she stood on her father’s dancing shoes as he twirled her around the room. By the time she was twelve years old she performed dance routines with her dad at Walter Reed Army Hospital for veterans.

She moved to South Florida in 1980 and worked as the Dance Coordinator for “To Sea with Z” where she positioned dance hosts and dance instructors on cruise ships that sailed all over the world. Sandi has danced her way through life!

How befitting as Sandi is approaching her 85th birthday, that she has come full circle, back to the veterans and the happy childhood she remembers by creating the organization known as The Ageless World of Dance for YOUTH and VETERANS. When she is not tripping the light fantastic with her sweetheart Tony Luis she is dancing with Lon Wilkerson, our Executive Director. When Sandi first danced with Lon, she asked him how old he was, and Sandi responded, “you’re dancing with your grandmother”. She said, “The Ageless World of Dance!” And that is how it started.

The Goldcoast Ballroom has been her favorite place in the world for the past 26 years. When the Covid pandemic hit the ballroom hard, Sandi asked her financial advisor Allan Weiss what she could do to help keep the ballroom alive and they came up with a plan.  When she met Lon Wilkinson, a dance instructor new to the area, they discussed ways to bring more business into the Goldcoast. Sandi has been working with youth for many years. Lon has been working with veterans and teaching them to dance. They combined their two passions and started the Ageless World of Dance for Youth and Veterans.

Sandi spends winters in Boca Raton, Florida and summers in Boone, North Carolina. In Boone she serves on the Appalachian State University Summer Festival Advisory Board, the ASU Theater and Dance Advisory Board and the Lees McRae College Summer Theater Advisory Board. The Sandi Finci Solomon Stage at Lees McRae College is named in her honor. On that stage she produced a musical of precision dancers of all ages, “The Carolina Snowbelles” created by a former Rockette. The production was “Christmas in August in Banner Elk” which raised money for the college.  For many years Sandi has given presentations of “The Joy of Partner Dancing” to the students at both schools. For the four years preceding the pandemic Sandi produced a community dance at ASU. She sponsored the students and raised money for their college Swing Club and Shag Club.

Sandi graciously entertains underprivileged children from the Western Youth Network at her home every year. She also sponsors the “Youth Film Festival” at ASU and treats the children to a live summer theater show where they are shown the backstage lighting and sound booths. At WYN’s talent show Sandi and Tony Luis perform for the children to share their joy of partner dancing.

She has hosted the FAU Ballroom Dance Club at the Goldcoast Ballroom with dinner and dancing, having them showcase various ballroom dances.

Sandi was named "Woman of the Year" by the Miami Transplant Foundation, the Grand Ballroom at JAFCO (Jewish Adoption and Family Care Option) in Sunrise Florida is named after her and her late husband Leonard, as is the Sanctuary at the Temple of the High Country in Boone, NC.  

Sandi believes whole-heartily in the therapeutic and healing power of dance. She believes that dancing is ageless, and the glue that brings people of different generations, persuasions, and beliefs together in a safe and happy environment. The friendships and companionships formed from dancing are life transforming and that is a mission that Sandi champions every day. Her vision is to keep youth out of violent gangs and veterans from self-harm.

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